Cretan diet and health


Crete is not only famous for the incredible beaches, the blue sky, the antiquities and the breathtaking landscapes. It is also well known because of the nutritional habits that Cretan people follow for centuries.


I bet you know that the Mediterranean diet is probably the most famous among all others. A lifestyle that offers longevity and good health.


What you might didn’t know until now, is that according to international medical studies, Cretan diet is the most typical example of Mediterranean diet. For many researchers the Cretan diet forms the base of the Mediterranean diet.


Scientific research has shown that the Cretan diet is one of the most well balanced diets in the world. It consists of products that the people of Crete produce locally. The island of Crete offers a vast variety of raw ingredients thanks to its ideal climatic and soil conditions. Cretans transform those ingredients into delicious and healthy food products based on traditional recipes which last for more than 3,850 years.