Adopt an olive tree

 The time has come to produce your own extra virgin olive oil from your own olive tree in Crete.

Cretland offers you the opportunity to adopt a beautiful and proud olive tree at Mirtia village in the heart of Crete. Systematic cultivation of olive trees in Crete is the oldest in mankind history and stands for more than 3,850 years.

Help us retain the traditional cultivation methods of olive trees now that the economic crisis of Greece leads many small-scale farmers to neglect their trees, to sell their olive oil at very low prices and to constantly seek for cheaper cultivation methods which decrease the quality of the final product.

In Crete, the olive tree has always been a strong part of our heritage and culture. The approximately 35,000,000 olive trees that cover Crete produce olive oil of the highest quality, recognized and awarded many times as the best in the world by international independent organizations. Help us retain this quality by adopting your own tree.





  • A Personalized adoption certificate and an olive branch from your tree, in two weeks after adoption.
  • The Olive Oil from your own olive tree in Crete for FREE – 4 liters of extra virgin olive oil delivered to you twice per year, in spring and autumn (2 liters per shipment).
  • A photo of your tree.
  • Your tree will be tagged with your name.
  • You can name your tree. This can be anything you like and will appear on your certificate as well as on your tree tag.
  • We keep you updated throughout the year of your tree progress.
  • You can always visit your adopted olive tree in summer during your holiday in Crete or in December for harvesting the olives and produce the olive oil. 


  • You help us retain the traditional cultivation methods and keep the quality level of the produced olive oil at the highest level.
  • You help us to support small-scale farmers who are facing elimination due to the economic crisis of Greece, which forces them to sell their olive oil at very low prices.
  • You offer a precious and innovative gift to yourself and your family.
  • You could offer this adoption as a business incentive for your employees or business gift for your customers.
  • Finally, you could offer this adoption as a gift for Christmas, for a wedding or for the birthday of the people you really care.